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Accessories for the Vibrosphere®

Function pads Soft

In order to adjust the difficulty of the balance training, there are three different  function pads, Soft. The function pads make the product useful even for people with more severe balance impairment. However, these patients will also need access to support from a wall bar or similar.

Three function pads are available:  

Function pad Soft1 

High (100 mm) function pad in viscoelastic material. For the easiest level of balance training. Grey. 

Function pad Soft2 

High (100 mm) function pad in viscoelastic material. For easier level of balance training. Dark blue. 

Function pad Soft3 

Medium (50 mm) function pad in viscoelastic material. For medium level of  balance training. Red. 

Training mat

A blue, light weight pad has been developed for a tougher balance training sessions. Protects the floor and keeps the Vibrosphere® in place. It can also be placed on top of the Vibrosphere® to make the training more comfortable, for example when doing exercises sitting on Vibrosphere®.


Vibrosphere® (ver 2) can be upgraded with a smartcard function, which means that training with Vibrosphere® can be controlled. The Smartcard function can be ordered from the beginning or upgraded at a later date. Vibrosphere® with activated Smartcard function only works if a valid Smartcard is placed in the control unit.

When Vibrosphere® is Smartcard activated the following two cards can be used for training sessions:

  • Smartcard Master - Smartcard without time limitations.
  • Smartcard 10 - Smartcard with 10 training sessions of a maximum 30 min per session, i.e., the duration of the session counts down when the card is placed in the control unit and the start button is pressed. If the training session is finished after less than 30 minutes the session is deemed as used. The display shows how many training sessions that remain.

Balance support

Laserow Balance has developed a balance support as an accessory to the Vibrosphere®. The support makes training with the Vibrosphere® easier since you can support yourself when getting up and down on the Vibrosphere®. The balance support gives an extra security to patients with balance impairment. The support can be used at physiotherapy clinics, training studios and companies offering training on the Vibrosphere® to their employees.

Saddle Chair

The Saddle Chair is an accessory to the Vibrosphere®. It is used for an efficent training of the core stability and balance and can be used as well for rehabilitation and for training.It is easy to assemble and use. The saddle is easy to raise and lower for different levels of difficulty.

Training Exercises

Laserow Balance continously develop new rehabilitation and training exercises to use with the Vibrosphere®.

Click here to read more about the exercises.



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