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Balance training with Vibration
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Balance training with vibration
The Vibrosphere® combines two individual well-tried training methods. The combination of balance and vibration offers many positive, concurrent benefits: The positive effects of both balance training and vibration training are achieved as well as additional benefits.

The tactile stimulation under the feet in combination with balance training can lead to a rapid improvement in proprioception and consequently balance. The vibrations also increase the activity in the neuromuscular system through involuntary muscle contractions which contribute to an improved musculature performance and interplay between the muscles and the nerves. The combination of balance training with vibration is time saving, easy and effective.

Vibrosphere® training is used for different objectives and to reach individual goals.

Vibrosphere® training: 

  • Improves balance effectively 
  • Gives a more effective sensomotoric and propioceptive rehabilitation and training
  • Stabilises the muscles surrounding the joints 
  • Improves neuromuscular communication
  • Allows an early rehabilitation and training
  • Improves posture/postural control effectively 
  • Counteracts atrophy and strengthens muscles
  • Gives general alleviation of pain 
  • Allows rehabilitation and training in different joint angles 
  • Improves blood circulation

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