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Balance Training


Good balance is critical to avoid strain injuries. Balance impairment is often age-related and might result in health problems.  Specialised tactile organs (proprioceptors) in muscles and tendons relay information to the brain about force, power, direction and range of movement.  Combined balance- and vibration training rapidly improves the proprioception and consequently the balance.

Principles of balance training

The human balance system consists of three parts:

  • Vestibule
  • Vision
  • Proprioception

Propioception is the mechanism involved in the self-regulation of posture and movement through stimuli originating in the receptors imbedded in the joints, tendons, muscles, and labyrinth.

Important for any balance training is to get as many parts of the balance system as possible involved at the same time. The vestibularis, the visual system and proprioception are interactive during "instability" exercises. Eye movements and sounds are further stimuli used to progress the level of difficulty.

Balance Impairment

Reduced, lost or interrupted balancing function in one or more parts of the balance system might caused by increasing age, a number of diseases or injuries and lead to balance impairment and dizziness. More or less all type of injuries has a negative effect on the balance. The most common injuries among the elderly are injuries caused from falling. Falling accidents increase with increased age and studies show that 40 % of the women and 30 % of the men at age 75  suffer from dizziness and balance difficulties.

Positive effects of Balance Training

  • Improves the proprioception, which has great influence on our balancing ability.
  • The risk for recurrent injuries after a physical injury is reduced.
  • Increased age gives a decreased balance and balance training helps to improve balance and thus reduce the risk of injuries from falling.
  • Improved balance, coordination and strength lead to a better quality of life.
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