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Top performance in sport imposes extremely physical demands. Performing well generally demands good balance and coordination, strength and muscle explosivity, resilience and flexibility, and not the least, technique and a good physical condition.

But enduring the strains of for example a football player demands even more:

  • Strength throughout the entire range of movements
  • Local stamina and central stamina
  • Particularly well functioning neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems
  • Very good core stability which protects the groin, back, and pelvis area.

Laserow Balance®Tailormade Sports Concepts

In order to give the best possible use of the Vibrosphere® Laserow Balance has developed a number of unique concepts aimed for specific training for certain high demanding sports. One such example is football. In the concept Laserow Balance®Football a number of football specific and functional training exercises are presented in a consistent way based on an intensification approach, the “step-by-step” model. In order to clarify which exercises are recommended for typical injury situations in football and preventive needs, a couple of fields have been selected and exemplified furthermore. All the exercises are compiled in a table with recommendations of exercises for specific situations and needs.

Vibrosphere® is an effective complementary training method and could be used for a number of different training needs:

Preventive training
The training on the Vibrosphere® increases the proprioception and activates the muscles surrounding the joints and is an effective component to prevent, above all, ankle-joint distortions and possibly even knee distortions. By adding one more dimension to the eccentric load at the end of the range of motion when performing strength training, the risk for muscle injuries later are minimized. By using the Vibrosphere® in the warming up phase before a physical activity, one activates and awakes muscles and joints so that the body becomes more alert and ready for training.

Strength training
With the Vibrosphere® one can supply the conservative strength training with further dimensions; vibration and balance. The same exercises can be carried out but are accentuated and the effect of the strength training is increased.

Balance training
The Vibrosphere® provides a unique possibility to combine strength and balance training in an effective and functional manner. In most of the exercises on the Vibrosphere® the very important trunk stabilizing muscles are engaged in a tangible manner and these contribute to an increased postural control.

Core stability training
Almost all movements that are carried out with as well arms as legs starts with an activation of the trunk muscles. Groin injuries of football players are an ever-increasing problem and a big part of these are believed to be caused by weakness and reduced function of the muscles surrounding the trunk and the pelvis. With the Vibrosphere®, there exist excellent possibilities to train the trunk stability in a tangible manner.

Mobility training
Vibrosphere® training can be used advantageously in the contraction phase of a stretch exercise in order to acquire the maximal relaxation directly after and thereby reach the maximal effect during the following stretch phase.

Circulatory training
Training on the Vibrosphere® increases the blood circulation in the activated muscles and can therefore advantageously be used to facilitate recovery after, for example, a minor haematoma or in the case of stiff and sore muscles.

For more information on the Laserow Balance® Football please contact:

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