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Laserow Balance® Life Quality

Balancetraining with vibrations with the aim to simplify the possibility of a healthy, well-trained body whilst simultaneously counteracting age-related troubles to give a long active life.

A Healthy and Well-trained body
Vibrosphere® is suitable for training at home. Short sessions with customised exercises for individual goals produce good results in a short period of time. 20 minutes, three times per week makes a big difference! Increased strength, improved balance, flexibility and control plus visible contouring are reliable results.

Age-related conditions
Age-related conditions such as impaired balance and general muscle debilitation are counteracted by an active life. Health problems, lack of mobility and stiffness are obstacles that prevent many elderly people from finding a suitable method of training. Vibrosphere® facilitates simple training with powerful results for a continued active life.

It is a well-known fact that increased age goes hand in hand with impaired balance. A vast majority of injuries caused by falls are due to a combination of impaired balance and muscle debilitation. A study [1] showed, for example, that 60 % of women and 45 % of men over 50 years-old have impaired balance. Training with Vibrosphere® is an effective way of preventing this.

Training with Vibrosphere® means:

  • Increased strength
  • Improved balance and proprioception 
  • Visible contouring 
  • Increased mobility 
  • Lighter gait 

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[1] Article SvD February 2006, ref. SDS. Study by Björn Ekblom, Professor Idrottshögskolan, Stockholm

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