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Golf is a sport where you, at least on an amateur level, focus mainly on the general technical performance and the swing in particular. Physical training as a mean of improving the overall golf result has not been in focus very much. Good golf demands strength, stability, balance and mobility. Combined balance and vibration training using the Vibrosphere® is a powerful method to achieve results in a short period of time. By performing functional exercises, specifically developed for golfers, the training become effective and focused. Laserow Balance® Golf is a functional training method using the Vibrosphere® requiring minimal time and with one goal: To play better golf with less physical problems.

Good golf demands strength, balance, stability and mobility. Combined balance and vibration training offers a powerful and time saving training method. Exercises specially developed for golfers make the training focused and effective.

Balance training should be a part of every golfers training. It is a way to increase your general awareness and control of your body, which is a huge benefit to your golf game. Good overall stability and, more specifically, core stability have a positive effect on the golf game.

The golf swing is one of the most explosive sport movements and most golf players are not trained sufficiently for this demanding movement. Many golf players consequently suffer from pain in the lower back, elbows and shoulders.

A positive golf experience from the first tee leads to a better overall performance and well-being. The warm-up before the golf round is usually not performed at an adequate level. Using the Vibrosphere® as a warm-up before the golf round, activates your muscles, increasing the blood circulation and mobility. Some simple exercises before the first tee can have a significant effect on your result and overall golf experience.

Laserow Balance has developed specific training exercises aimed at strengthening the stabilizing muscles and improving postural control to help golfers experience a healthier golf life.

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