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Balance training with Vibration
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Laserow Balance® Sports & Training

Balance training with vibration with the aim of helping healthy people perform better and to achieve better training results whilst at the same time preventing injuries.

Balance and strength are vital parts of all types of training, irrespective of whether it is to perform better in relation to sports or merely to feel better as an individual. Training with Vibrosphere® is an effective way to achieve this within a short period of time.

Functional training
Vibrosphere® is a very interesting product for both gym and personal trainers specialising in functional training as it focuses on training the parts of the body that are to be used. There are no movements in life that only use only one muscle group Our movements are a system of complex co-ordinations involving several muscle groups Training with Vibrosphere® is performed under a condition of imbalance with a simultaneous stimulus of vibrations. Many of the body’s muscle groups are activated in this way.

Balance and Strength
Training with Vibrosphere® is an effective way to improve both balance and strength in a short period of time. By combining this training with dumbbell exercises the whole body can be worked out in no time at all.

The Importance of Stability
Balance and stability training are important and training with Vibrosphere® is an effective method for rapid improvement.

Laserow Balance has a unique concept for both preventative and rehabilitation training of football players - Laserow Balance® Football.

There is also a unique concept for both preventative and rehabilitation training of basketball players - Laserow Balance® Basketball.

Laserow Balance has developed a concept for functional weight training for golf players; this concept is an interesting option for both golf clubs and gyms - Laserow Balance® Golf.

A concept for private use at home is also available - Laserow Balance® Life Quality.


  • Improved sensomotoric training
  • Improved core stability 
  • Improved balance and proprioception 
  • Increased muscular strength 
  • Improved co-ordination 
  • Increased mobility 
  • Reduced risk of injury
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