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Laserow Balance® Medical Rehabilitation

Balancetraining with vibrations shortens and improves the healing process, alleviates pain, reduces the risk of recurrence and creates a better quality of life for the sick and injured.

Training with Vibrosphere® adapts itself to numerous diagnoses, which means that physiotherapists can use Vibrosphere® for a substantial number of patients. A common factor for the majority of clinics is that improved results are reached in a shorter time. A number of the results achieved with Vibrosphere® are on the whole impossible or distinctly more difficult to achieve with other methods (including sensomotoric training, neuromuscular stimulation, pain alleviation andrecruiting of muscles). Vibrosphere® also increases productivity: The physiotherapist can treat more patients and furthermore increase the number of satisfied customers, with markedly improved results.

Training with Vibrosphere® means: 

  • Numerous positive, concurrent advantages, due to a combination of balance and vibration 
  • Improves balance and proprioceptionmore effectively than conventional training
  • Increased senomotric training
  • Improves neuromuscular communication
  • Strengthens the important muscles surrounding the joints 
  • Improves posture/postural control and increases stability 
  • Alleviates pain with patients suffering from certain chronic conditions
  • Improves circulation 
  • Reduces myotonus

In summary, clinical evaluations and studies indicate that treatment supplemented with Vibrosphere® accelerates the healing process and achieves recovery in a shorter period of time than with more conventional training methods. Increased strength, stability and physical control as well as improved balance and proprioception are palpable results.

Sports Injuries 
Vibrosphere® is, therefore, used for a great number of diagnoses and purposes. Football and basketball players have, for example, a higher risk of ankle and knee injuries. Proprioceptive training is an important element in the prevention of cruciate ligament and other knee injuries. Vibrosphere® is currently used with the football clubs Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Inter and Malmö FF in order to reduce the risk of injury and to stabilise the muscles surrounding the joints.

Neurological conditions
For patients with neurological conditions and injuries there are a number of clinically proven results. Increased stability, increased circulation, reduced problems with neuropathy and reduced myotonus are palpable results for MS and stroke patients, among others.

Alleviation of Pain
A combination of balance and vibration training produces noticeable pain-relieving effects for a number of more chronic conditions. Studies have shown extremely promising results for patients with whiplash related injuries.

Further Diagnoses
Interesting clinical results have also been recorded for conditions of incontinency as well as knee and hip arthrosis. Encouraging results have also been noted in the areas of diabetes with neuropathy and from a general point of view reduced blood circulation. This indulging training is even suitable for COPD patients.

Laserow Balance has developed new concepts for training of neurologically injured patients  - Laserow Balance® Neurology

There is also a concept for treatment of more severe injured patients - Integration of the Vibrosphere® in the treatment of persons with neurological conditions

Laserow Balance have developed a comprehensive training concept for preventive and rehabilitation training of football and baksetball players - Laserow Balance® Football and Laserow Balance® Basketball.

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