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About Laserow Balance

Laserow Balance started in December 2003 and has its head office in Lund, Sweden. The company is based on an idea developed by Kaj Laserow, registered physiotherapist STAGE III education within Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, OMT, who has operated from Örestadskliniken in Malmö, Sweden. Kaj Laserow’s great experience combined with a constant desire to help his patients in a more effective way and a will to develop and improve products and methods are the driving force behind Laserow Balance's balance plate with vibration - Vibrosphere®.

Kaj Laserow saw a possibility to combine two individual well-tried training methods for rehabilitation – balance and vibration training – in one and the same product. By combining the positive effects of both methods, the result of balance training becomes considerably more effective compared with the conventional method. The human body is more receptive for balance training during vibration, consequently the overall result is not only improved but achieved in a shorter period of time. Vibration training alone has a number of positive effects and lends itself to a great number of different areas.

Vibrosphere® is developed in close collaboration with leading experts within orthopaedics, balance research and physiotherapy among others.

Download the brochure about Laserow Balance and the Vibrosphere® in pdf.

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Laserow Balance • Brittahill, Brandstad 612, SE- 275 67 Vollsjö, Sweden • Tel. +46-(0)416-352 10 Cellphone: +46 (0) 706 6495 00 • E-mail: laserow@kajlaserow.se